NJ Spark Teams Are Seeking To Make Change

NJ Spark Teams Are Seeking To Make Change

NJ Spark’s media worked tirelessly last semester on many projects uncovering social justice issues through editorials, documentaries, new stories, audio productions and photography.

Our investigative reporting team hunted down the truth on a number of stories, including a deeper look at Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield’s new “one tier plan.” The insurance company handpicked which hospitals this plan extends to, and seven New Jersey hospitals were excluded. These hospitals are all Catholic, so the team is investigating whether there was any intentional discrimination against religiously affiliated hospitals.

Another story under investigation is the management of the Paul Robeson Cultural Center at Rutgers University, which has allegedly been neglected by the university in comparison to other centers, and how that might reflect institutionalized racism at Rutgers.

Other stories currently being investigated include criminal activity at a local church, Rutgers University program funding inequalities, and the criminalization of homelessness and poverty in New Brunswick.

The documentary team covering the New Labor movement mades strides on their project. They have collected a group of interested participants for interviewing and they are beginning the filming process. They are also working on organizing a focus group to discuss this labor issue and their project.

The New Brunswick Backbone team, which focuses on creating profiles on social justice issues through the lens of individuals’ stories, worked on multiple projects which will soon be published. The team is finalizing an audio account of an anti-domestic violence march that took place in New Brunswick recently. The production will also include an interview with Ruth Ann Koenick, the Prevention Educator Coordinator at Rutgers Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance.

They are also continuing to develop more profiles, such as one about a New Brunswick teacher that goes out of their way to connect with the their students and the surrounding community.

Remember to check out other content on NJ Spark to read opinion editorials about issues such as social media activism, and other social justice news curated by our web team on issues such as prison reform.